Oasis® Ideal Midnight Floral Foam 8’s

❁ Box of 20 bricks
❁ Deep black colour is easy to hide
❁ Use fewer stems and create modern masterpieces


❁ Box of 20 floral foam bricks, brick Size: 23 x 10,5 x 7,5cm
❁ Deep black colour when soaked
❁ Easy to hide in arrangements
❁ Takes fewer stems to cover
❁ Choose to leave foam exposed for unique designs
❁ Looks stunning in clear glass
❁ Same performance as green Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife
❁ Quick soaking, high water retention
❁ Optimum density to grip stems
❁ Ensures long flower life thanks to Maxlife technology
❁ Also available in a range of other shapes

Save time and money by using fewer stems thanks to our latest innovation in floral foam – OASIS® Noir Ideal Floral Foam Maxlife. Although it has the same exceptional performance as our green ideal floral foam, the light-absorbing black colour is much easier to hide meaning it takes fewer stems to create your finished arrangement. You can also choose not to cover the foam fully, leaving the sleek black colour exposed to create unique, modern and imaginative designs. OASIS® Noir Floral Foam also looks great in clear glass! Use for any kind of design including wedding, funeral, corporate and everyday flowers.

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