FloraLife® Quick Dip 1Litre

❁ Miraculous hydration treatment!
❁ Improves water uptake by stems
❁ Revives tired, droopy flowers

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During transportation, whether dry or in water, stems can become blocked, inhibiting water uptake. FloraLife® Quick Dip targets stems to improve their water uptake, giving flowers instant hydration and a new lease of life. With no need to mix or dilute, simply dip stems (by the bunch for efficiency) into the Quick Dip solution for a second or two before placing them in a normal bucket of water and FloraLife® Flower Food solution. That’s it – and you’ll be amazed at the results!

Top Tip: Quick Dip is ideal to use on dry-packed flower stems as soon as they arrive, before placing them in water buckets with flower food.

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