FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 Storage & Transportation Liquid

❁ Use to condition flowers
❁ No need to re-cut stems
❁ Concentrated solution


❁ Keep flowers in optimum condition ❁ No-cut technology ❁ No need to re-cut stems ❁ Clear solution ❁ Aids hydration ❁ Keeps stems free-flowing ❁ Provides nutrients ❁ Prevents premature bud opening ❁ Less risk from bent neck ❁ Balances water pH ❁ Suitable for all varieties ❁ Works at room temperature or in fridges

Typical Uses

During storage, flowers need to be kept nourished and hydrated so that they’re in the best possible condition when you come to use them in an arrangement. To save you time, FloraLife® Express Clear ULTRA 200 can be used WITHOUT re-cutting flower stems, so you can condition your flowers in no time! It will provide flowers with everything they need to stay healthy, without encouraging them to bloom too soon, ensuring your flower waste is kept to a minimum.

Additional information

Container size

20Litre, 5litre, 10litre, 200litre

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